Apple WWDC 2020

iOS 14

  1. App Library:
  • All apps on category

2. New Widgets Looks

  • Widgets in different sizes are available
  • Drag widgets onto home screen
  • Easily swipe on widgets — Morning — See top new, In a day see your todo, End of day show you health records

3. Picture in Picture

  • While watching video, simply swipe it to make it picture in screen
  • Drag anywhere in screen
  • Pinch — to zoom-in zoom-out
  • Make a side it, and video play in background

4. Siri

  • Ask top open safari, it open directly safari
  • Ask for weather, it open weather just like a notification

5. Translate — New App

  • Work completely offline
  • Open app, say something, it will translate it with voice over.

6. Messages

  • Connect with most important conversation by simply PIN it
  • You can see messages with Badge on Navigation
  • Inline replies — Own thread of chat
  • Mentions — Type someone’s name directly message them.

7. Cycling directions

  • Available in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Shanghai, Beijing

8. CarPlay

  • Wallpaper option perfect for the car
  • New CarPlay apps, Parking, EV Charging, Quick Food Ordering
  • Digital versions of Car keys — Unlock your card using iPhone
  • Control your keys from iCloud

9. App Clips

  • Pay for Parkings


  1. Redesigned widgets
  2. Receive In-coming call as a Notification — Simply tap to answer or swipe up to dismiss.
  3. Rebuild Search
  • Universal Search — Search from anywhere

Apple Pencil

  1. Draw a shape
  • Automatically convert to real shape

2. Handwriting

  • Double tap to select world and double tap again to select line, you can move around to document.
  • Directly type in textfield, it will coverted to text, lets say you type in safari search bar, it will automatically converted to text.
  • It works with any textfield, like Reminder, Notes. etc.


  1. Automatically switch-on-off according your use
  2. Surround sound experience

Watch OS 7

  1. Configure watch faces — with information you want to see
  2. Face sharing
  3. Cycling direction, will see travel time, elevation changes, navigate by turn by turn direction
  4. Sleep — Tracking your sleep
  5. Wind down
  6. Automatic detection

App privacy

  • Summary of app privacy on Appstore.
  • Each app highlight information


  • Face recognition

macOS Big Sur

  1. Finder
  • Top — Bottom new design
  • Compact — Space efficient toolbar

2. Control Center

  • Change display brightness
  • Notification bar — Single view of Notification, widgets, todo etc

3. Safari

  • Privacy review on tap on url panel
  • Securely save password
  • Hover on tab — to nicely view snap of website
  • Translate icon on the smart search field

4. Apple Silicon

5. Universal 2

6. Rosetta 2

7. Virtualisation

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