Securing React Native Application


Key Points -

  • Screenshot Prevention
  • Rooted/ Jailbroken Device Detection
  • SSL Pinning
  • Storage of Sensitive Data — API EndPoint / FB / Google / Firebase Keys
  • Local Storage
  • Deep Linking
  • Android Specific Security
  • iOS Specific Security
  • Authentication Methods
  • Data Encryption

1. Screenshot Prevention

2. Rooted/ Jailbroken Device Detection

  • Check if Cydia is installed
  • Check if the app can edit system files
  • Check if the system contains suspicious files
  • Check if other suspicious apps (FakeCarrier, Icy, etc.) is installed
  • Check if Cydia is installed with alternative names (using URIScheme)
  • checkRootManagementApps
  • checkPotentiallyDangerousApps
  • checkRootCloakingApps
  • checkTestKeys
  • checkForDangerousProps
  • checkForBusyBoxBinary
  • checkForSuBinary
  • checkSuExists
  • checkForRWSystem

3. SSL Pinning

  • Public Key Pinning
  • Certificate Pinning
  • Subject Public Key Info (SPKI) Pinning

Certificate Pinning With react-native-ssl-pinning -

Public Key Pinning With react-native-ssl-pinning -

Certificate Pinning With react-native-pinch -

4. Storage of Sensitive Data — API EndPoint / FB / Google / Firebase Keys

5. Local Storage

6. Deep Linking

Security issues while dealing with deep linking -

Security solutions to overcome deep linking security issue -

7. Android Specific Security

8. iOS Specific Security

9. Authentication Methods

10. Data Encryption

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Founder & CEO at KPITENG

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Founder & CEO at KPITENG

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