Discover how to manage multiple firebase projects in a single react native project with development, staging and production environment.

Hello Developers, We are using react-native-config to manage multiple environments in Project like Development, Staging and Production. If we have requirements to manage different firebase for Development, Staging and Production then…

Discover Kubernetes — Container Orchestration Solution for Micro-Services Architecture.

All you know about monolithic architecture, but when we migrate to micro-service architecture where everything resides according to modules in various containers. But containers are not scalable, not in-built load balancing and all. Think if your OS crashes where all your…

Explore Redux Rematch — Powerful State Management For React.

Rematch is an enhanced version of Redux with added few more features, clean architecture, less boilerplate for React Developers. Rematch uses the same redux concept and also has a persistor to persist store data.

Please download full source code from our…

Step by step integration of microfrontends with react web application.

All we know about Microservices, which helps to develop, deploy and maintain applications individually. Like Uber where booking and payment services are individually developed and deployed. Same way we can develop, deploy react applications individually. …

Hello Developers! Let’s see what’s new in React Navigation 6.0

Hello Developers! Let’s see what’s new in React Navigation 6.x.

Key Points -

  • Installation
  • Params are now overwritten on navigation instead of merging
  • By default, modals in iOS uses presentation style and in android it uses slide animation
  • Drawer now uses a slide…

Learn how to share code between React Native and React.js using Yarn Workspace.

Hello Developers! Many times we needs to reuse some code between React Native & React.js like state management code (Redux, Mobx, Apollo Client), utility & common functions, global constants, api call & common business logic. Today, we…

See how Yarn Workspaces allow developers to develop mobile & web applications using monorepo approach, helps to split and share code between multiple packages.

Projects grow over time and some pieces of code can be useful elsewhere in other projects. Also we need to share code between projects like Redux…

Discover a ways to develop secure react native application.

Key Points -

  • Screenshot Prevention
  • Rooted/ Jailbroken Device Detection
  • SSL Pinning
  • Storage of Sensitive Data — API EndPoint / FB / Google / Firebase Keys
  • Local Storage
  • Deep Linking
  • Android Specific Security
  • iOS Specific Security
  • Authentication Methods
  • Data Encryption

1. Screenshot Prevention

iOS Integration -

Screenshot Restriction…

Discover a set of React best coding practices, tips and tricks that should be known by all developers.

Key Points -

  • Use State Management Library (Redux, MobX, Apollo)
  • Use Event Listener instead of Static Method
  • Remove All Listener In UnMount
  • Config for Environment Setup || Test || Live || Staging
  • Use Context for…

See how you will boost your react native app performance, improve start-up time, decrease bundle size & memory usage.

Key Points -

  • Hermes
  • Avoid re-rendering using useMemo
  • Cache Images
  • Use nativeDriver with Animated Library
  • State Management With Redux/MobX/Apollo
  • Remove Console Log
  • Optimize Android App Size

1. Hermes

Hermes is an open-source JavaScript…


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